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Thanksgiving Turkey Buyer’s Guide


11 Years in a Row!

Fresh – Never Frozen – All Natural
Amish Country Turkeys!

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Size & Servings Guide


Turkey Size Guests Price
8-10 Lbs. 4 or fewer $28.99
10-12 Lbs. 4-5 $34.99
12-14 Lbs. 6-7 $40.99
14-16 Lbs. 7-9 $47.99
16-18 Lbs. 9-10 $53.99
18-20 Lbs. 10-12 $59.99
20-22 Lbs. 12-14 $66.99
22-24 Lbs. 14-16 $72.99
24-26 Lbs. 16-18 $78.99
26 + Lbs. 18 and more $85.99



Fresh Turkey Breasts are Priced By-The-Pound as Follows:


4-8 Lbs. Breast Only 5-8 $4.49/pound
8-10 Lbs. Breast Only 8-10 $4.49/pound


Please note: a deposit is not required to reserve a fresh turkey breast, however, reservations must be made in the “turkey book.” There could be more size variability with fresh breast orders. All customers ordering fresh turkey breasts should make arrangements to pick up their orders as early as possible if they have strict size requirements. Fresh turkey breasts will be handed out on a first-come-first-served basis.

Pre-Order Side Dishes & Kitchen Favorites

Cranberry & Orange Holiday Relish

A sweet – tart and simple condiment that is absolutely amazing alongside your turkey! Fresh cranberries and oranges are chopped, muddled, and mixed with a pinch of sugar. A handful of chopped pecans adds a little crunch. Comes fully prepared and ready to enjoy.

16 oz. Pint serves 6-8 – $5.99

Cavallari’s Festive Cheese-Stuffed Pumpkin

Everybody is going to love this – an awesome appetizer for your Holiday Festivities! We start with a fresh whole pumpkin (we scoop out the insides) and fill it with a special blend of cubed cheeses, butter, cream, and spices. You take it home and bake the whole thing in the oven. . . out comes a beautiful roasted pumpkin full of ooey, gooey melted cheese perfect for dipping! Comes fully prepared and ready to bake at home with plenty of bread cubes for dipping. Allow 2 hours or so to bake before serving.
Available in one size only.

Serves 12-16 – $39.99 each

Happy Holidays Sweet Potato Casserole

Could anyone celebrate the Holidays without this? Roasted & mashed fresh sweet potatoes, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cream – all topped with little marshmallows that will toast up golden brown in your oven at home. Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat in the container at home.

Small serves 2-3 – $8.99
Large serves 8-12 – $26.99

Traditional Holiday Bread Stuffing

Some people call it stuffing. Some people call it dressing. Everybody calls it delicious! This is your traditional Holiday stuffing, moist and savory. We look forward to it every year. Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat at home in the container.

Small serves 2-3 – $6.99
Large serves 8-12 – $24.99

Cavallari’s Traditional Mashed Potatoes

Simple, creamy, and made completely from scratch! Fresh Idaho potatoes washed and peeled in-house, whipped with butter, milk, sour cream, and the perfect touch of spices. Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat in the container.

Small serves 2-3 – $7.99
Large serves 8-12 – $24.99

Green Bean Casserole

The traditional Holiday Favorite! Tender sliced green beans in a rich and delicious cream sauce – all topped with those irresistible crispy fried onions! Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat in the container.

Small serves 2-3 – $8.99
Large serves 8-12 – $26.99

Rustic Apple, Cranberry, & Apricot Stuffing

A sweet and savory Holiday feature! Hand-cut bread cubes from locally baked bread, sweet apples, tart cranberries, and juicy apricots, all blended with savory spices. Absolutely delicious! Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat at home in the container.

Small serves 2-3 – $9.99
Large serves 10-12 – $23.99

Roasted Butternut Squash

A sweet, delicious symbol of the harvest and a great way to celebrate the season! Rich butternut squash roasted to perfection with lots of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Each serving will be about one pound (about half a squash) and will serve two people. Comes fully prepared and read to re-heat in the container.

Each serves 2 – $4.99

Homemade Turkey Gravy

The perfect topping for your Fresh Amish Turkey from Cavallari Gourmet! Honest-to-goodness, made from scratch turkey gravy. A customer favorite – we use an old Cavallari Family recipe. Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat on the stove at home.

Small serves 2-3 – $5.99
Large Serves 6-8 – $10.99

Roasted Harvest Vegetables

The Pilgrims will be lining up to join you this year when you have this on your Holiday Table! A delicious medley of heirloom squash and root vegetables freshly prepared, lovingly seasoned, and roasted to perfection. Comes fully prepared and ready to re-heat in the container.

Small serves 2-3 – $9.99
Large serves 6-8 – $26.99

Traditional Dinner Rolls

We special order a delicious variety of premium hand-made dinner rolls just for you every year! Baked fresh, never frozen. Handmade locally!
Priced by the dozen:

Mini Italian-Style Baghetta $3.99
Mini Ciabatta $3.99
Butter Bread Round Roll $3.99
Honey Wheat Roll $5.99
Rustic Black Olive Roll $9.99

Each order must be one dozen rolls of the same flavor.
Available by the dozen only.

Genuine Cranberry Sauce

Small serves 2-3 – $2.99
Large serves 4-6 – $4.99

Traditional Holiday Pies

Sweet & delicious pies baked in-house just for your Holiday Dessert! Pies are 9 inches and are not pre-sliced.

Apple Pie $11.99
Pumpkin Pie $11.99
Pecan Pie $14.99

Fully Prepared Thanksgiving Meals

Please call Cavallari in Oviedo

For all Turkey Orders!


Please note: all turkey reservations will be taken at the OVIEDO location! If you would like to pick up your fresh Amish-Country turkey in Lake Mary, please let us know and we will happily make sure it gets there!